Frequently Asked Questions

What trees are most fragrant?
When you think of a traditional Christmas tree smell, you probably are thinking of balsams.  While other trees are fragrant, the balsams are the most "Christmas-like."
How long will the tree hold its needles?
Needle retention depends on water uptake.  If the tree is kept well supplied with water, it can easily last two months (the first few days at home are the most critical inr keeping the tree watered).
Are some trees "softer" feeling than others?
Yes.  The Fir trees are softer to the touch than spruces.  When you come to the farm, look closely at the needles on the Balsam Firs and the Norway Spruces.  The fir's needles are rounded whereas the spruce's needles are pointed.  As you brush your hand through the bows of each tree, you will feel how much softer (fur-like) the fir trees are than the spruces.
What are double or triple balsams?
This is a term created to describe the full balsam trees which you normally see in tree farms and nurseries. In the wild, balsam branches are not as full; the needles on the branches look "flat" because they are only on the sides, not the top and bottom. When balsams are cultivated, they develop with more needles on the sides and top of the branches, giving a rounded look. Fraser Firs are very similar to balsams but have even more needles coming out from each branch. These firs even have needles coming out of the bottom of the branch giving them the "triple-balsam" look.