Candied Yams (Sweet Potatoes)

WARNING:  This is grandma's recipe. That means we don't have exact measurements! You may prepare this the day before and then heat them slowly in the frying pan (Grandma thinks that makes them taste better). That makes this perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ingredients (Combine):


  1. Pick out your yams (sweet potatoes). Grandma never chose the really big ones. They may work too. She wanted them elongated and under 3" in diameter.
  2. Wash then boil the yams whole with the skins on. Test them with a fork and take them out when "al dente" (not too soft because they will be cooked a bit more later on). Drain water. Cool enough to handle and remove skins. Cut in rounds approximately 1½" to 2" - whatever seems a good size to serve.
  3. Melt butter in frying pan on low heat.
  4. Add yam rounds to butter until lightly toasted - turn over and do other side.
  5. Add brown sugar and mix with butter; then add small amount of water to thin the syrup.

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