Raspberry Swirl

Serves: 6-8
Oven: crust - 375ºF
Bake: crust - 8 minutes
Entire Dish: Refrigerate Overnight.


  1. Thoroughly combine crumbs, butter and 2 tbsp. sugar. Press mixture into well-greased 11x7x1½-inch baking dish. Bake in 375ºF oven about 8 minutes. Cool completely.
  2. Beat egg yolks in bowl with electric mixer at high speed until thick. Add cream cheese, 1 cup sugar and salt; beat until smooth and light.
  3. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Fold egg whites and whipped cream into cheese mixture.
  4. Puree raspberries in a mixer or blender. Gently swirl half of puree through cheese filling; spread mixture in crust. Spoon remaining puree over top; swirl with a knife. Freeze, then cover and return to freezer. Makes 6 to 8 servings.

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