Serves: Small Party (1 1/2 Cups of dip)
Prep. Time: 0:20 (the night before - see notes)


-NOTE: It really doesn't taste that great if you serve it right after you make it.  Too much onion or something.  If I don't have the time to make it the day before - buy salsa. I can't stress that enough.  I just made this in the morning and ate it in the afternoon/evening while watching the Olympics.  It was rather bland.  If you just make and immediately serve this recipe you wouldn't like it either.  You'd chalk this one up to being one of those recipes that someone who lacks taste buds makes - we've all run into those recipes that you "try once and burn."  Well, I had the leftovers the next day and the difference was astounding.  All the right flavors were there.  So DON'T MAKE THIS UNLESS YOU CAN LET IT SIT OVERNIGHT! Also, you must have soft avocados. Once I had a hard avocado and tried everything to mash it that I could think of. I even put it in the Cuisinart to chop it up. I ended up with very small granules of avocado ... it was very disappointing.

-UPDATE: I made this recently about 4 hours before eating it with some really good avacados and fresh lime juice. It turned out fantastic. Soooo, maybe it doesn't have to stay overnight but like I mention above, it is chancy. Just do me a favor and save some for the next day if you don't like it. If you still don't like it the next day, by all means, throw the recipe away.

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