John's Chicken Parm

Our family loves this recipe. It is simple and easy to make.

Prepare a plate of bread crumbs and add:
-grated cheese (parmisan)

Prepare 2 eggs, beaten with a little water add:
Then mix all these together.

Prepare a plate with flour on it.

Flaten chicken breasts (place in plastic wrap and use wooden mallet or fist). We make them about 3/8" thick.

Cook the chicken by doing the following: If you have many keep them warm in the oven: put a layer of tomato sauce on bottom of pan, put chicken on sauce and put in oven to keep warm (170 degrees).

When ready to serve put mozzarella on chicken and replace in oven (still at 170 degrees).

Cook pasta.

Heat extra sauce for serving.

Serve when cheese melted.

If just cooking it all in a frying pan (no heating in the oven):

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