Big Dutch Baby Pancakes

Serves: 4
Oven: 425°F
Time: 20-25 minutes




NOTE: I always have used butter so I don't know how it would taste with margarine. I also use two 9" x 13"pans. My glass pan produces the best results; the thin aluminum one cooks faster so I end up getting that out first. I cut the large pancake into 4 pieces. We always top these with sugar and squeezed lemon (lots of both). It is fantastic ... and don't be skimpy with the sugar!

*To make 1 large pancake, you will need a shallow 4½ to 5 quart pan; to bake 2 smaller pancakes at once, you'll need 2 shallow pans each 2 to 3 quarts. You may use a paella pan, an iron frying pan, a ceramic, glass or metal baking dish, or a foil roasting pan. Any shape will work, but the pan should be fairly shallow - not much more than 3 inches deep. Check the volume by pouring in quart measures of water.

**Powdered Sugar. I make my own in a blender. This ends up as a fine powder and I think it is better. Granulated sugar would have a bit of a crunch/texture that I think would be distracting; plus the lemon wouldn't soak into the sugar as readily.

ALTERNATE - Smaller Recipe, Apple Topping

For years, I used the above recipe. It is great, but "requires" a blender. I found another recipe that just calls for wisking the eggs, milk and flour. That worked just fine, and it is faster. As a bonus with this recipe, I found an excellent alternate topping.

Serves: 2
Oven: 425°F
Time: 14-17 minutes

ALTERNATE - Ingredients

ALTERNATE - Preparation

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