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I could say that this site is under construction, but then again, what site isn't? So, I'll just be to the point and admit I'm an amateur (no sense denying the obvious).

Here is the second best list of links on the web.  (The best links aren't being maintained anymore; these are mostly random.  I wouldn't have any but I'm pretty sure there is something that says you are required to have a links page on every web site. Something Al Gore requires.) Actually, I've been asked to put the recipe page link here (such high demand by the family!!).

Do you listen to music on the Internet? For the Christmas holiday, I recommend Pandora.com and "Celtic Christmas Radio" as the radio station. It is all instrumental Christmas music. Very pleasant.

By the way, if you want to cut your own Christmas tree (or find out about that), check out this link:  Red Wagon Farm Christmas Trees.  While Red Wagon doesn't sell trees anymore, there is information about different tree types and tree care once you cut it down and bring it home.

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AND, come again soon when you have more time to browse my web site!

* Yikes, this was previously updated in 2011. I think it works with any browser. I mainly update the recipe page for the family.